Presented by , B2X is the first revolutionary next generation staking platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It’s a BEP-20 token complaint smart contract on BSC blockchain.

B2X is a revolutionary descendant of T2X staking platform, running successfully on Tron blockchain for over 250 days!! Brought to you by the trusted T2X team which is strongly supported by an existing enthusiastic community of over 10000 holders.

B2X staking mechanism has been improved and evolved as per the community feedback including features like never before.

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Purpose of B2X

With all of the yield farming rage, seigniorage algo stable coins rat race, scams and rugs on BSC, B2X is here to provide a break with a stable secure means of daily passive earnings while providing the opportunity and liberty to strategize your investment and compounding prowess.

Working Mechanism of B2X

B2X has integrated Auction, Staking, Vault and Dex Liquidity into one platform with a burn mechanism . All you need to do is get some B2X and stake it to watch your passive earnings grow daily.

What is what??

B2X is available to the users for purchase via auction lobbies. Each Auction Lobby lasts 1 B2X CYCLE (*note 1 B2X Cycle= 24 Hours) and starts at 00:00 UTC daily.

Auction Lobbies has a reducing supply of 10 B2X per day for first 365 days , starting with 3700 B2X on 1st Auction day. Once the Daily auction supply reaches 50 B2X in 365 days it will remain constant thereafter. Did I say thereafter?? Yes!! Auctions go on forever with 50 B2X available for auction every day after 365 days.

In order to get your hands on B2X you need to enter auction lobby with BNB. You can enter multiple times in a day or once on multiple days (don’t get confused).

100% of BNB deposited in auction is distributed back to users ,nothing goes to the team . The BNB distribution is as follows:

· 45% BNB is distributed back to stakers as BNB dividends as per their active staking pool share.

· 40% BNB is allocated to the BNB Vault which is then dripped back to the users as per their vault share.

· 10% BNB is used to add B2X liquidity on dex ( 5% for buyback and 5% for adding liquidity)

· 5% BNB is allocated to feed T2X ecosystem. (As a token of appreciation for community support without whom we wouldn’t have been here)

Amount of B2X which each user will receive at end of daily auction is calculated as follows:


At end of auction lobby, user will see the purchased amount of B2X on the auction dashboard. Users can’t collect these tokens, instead they’ll see the STAKE option.

Clicking the STAKE button will create a stake for365 days by default. Staking B2X makes you eligible for following things:

  1. Earn B2X in interest.
  2. Earn BNB dividends from the future auction lobbies till stakes are active.
  3. Eligibility to enter vaults via banking accrued B2X interest on active stakes.

Once the stake is created, it is in PENDING state till the next cycle starts .

There will be 5% yearly inflation which will be paid as B2X interest to active stakes which comes out to be :

5%/365 =0.0137% daily interest.


  • There is no minimum or maximum number of days of staking. Staking period is fixed for 365 Days.
  • You can’t cancel an active stake.
  • BNB Dividends and B2X interest earned in the current cycle will be reflected on your dashboard at the start of next cycle.
  • BNB Dividends can be collected daily whereas B2X earned in interest can only be deposited in VAULT to increase your vault share and hence your drip.
  • When your original stake is completed after 365 days, you can only re-stake it. While doing so 25% B2X tokens are burnt and 75% B2X tokens are re-staked as part of deflationary measure.


B2X Vault is built and designed to generate steady flow of passive income for the investors meanwhile encouraging staking.

Vault can be accessed only via depositing B2X interest earned from active stakes. No one can enter in the vault without having an active stake.

Vault comprises of two pools: BNB Pool and B2X Pool.

Both these pool drips 1% of total pool amount to users daily based on their respective vault pool share.

BNB POOL is fed from 40% BNB invested in auction of previous cycle.

B2X POOL is fed from accrued B2X interest banked by users .

For example:

Let’s say in any given B2X cycle:

Total B2X interest deposited in Vault by users so far = 150000 B2X

Total B2X Interest deposited by user so far = 200 B2X

Thus, Vault Pool Share (VPS) of user in that cycle =

Now the user will get 0.133% of 1% Drip from B2X Pool and BNB Pool daily.

B2X Pool Size = 150000 B2X which means 1500 B2X will be dripped to all users in that cycle. (1% drip)

Let’s say BNB Pool Size = 1600 BNB which means 16 BNB will be dripped to all users in that cycle.(1% Drip)

So the user with VPS of 0.133% will get 0.133% of 1500 B2X and 0.133% of 16 BNB in that cycle. I.e. 1.995 B2X and 0.02128 BNB

These B2X and BNB earning from the vault can be claimed anytime to the respective wallet. User can trade the claimed B2X on pancake swap or can stake it again.


B2X Platform will use 5% of invested BNB in auction lobby to buy back B2X from Pancake swap and 5% for adding liquidity.

This will result in Price appreciation of B2X. Constant buy pressure and liquidity addition with every cycle will result in price appreciation building more confidence amongst the users and in the market.

Well then, now that you have gone through that essay…


  • Max Supply : No max supply
  • Auction Supply on 1st Day (Developers Day) : 3700 B2X
  • Daily Reduction In Auction Supply for 365 Days : 10 B2X
  • Daily Auction Supply beyond 365th Day from Launch : 50 B2X
  • Yearly Inflation for Paying Interests : 5% i.e. 0.0137 % daily
  • Total Pre-mine : 25000 B2X

Pre-mine distribution:

a. Development — 40% (10000 B2X)

b. Reserved For Yield Farming — 30% ( 7500 B2X)

c. Promotions & Marketing — 20% (5000 B2X)

d. Initial Liquidity — 10% (2500 B2X)

B2X is the first revolutionary next generation staking platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It's a BEP-20 token complaint smart contract on BSC blockchain.