Q1. What are Auction Lobbies?

Q2. When does auction start?

Q3. How is auction supply calculated?

Q4. What happens to Day 1 auction supply?

Q5. What happens to the deposited BNB in auction?

Q6. How can I enter auction?

Q7. How much B2X will I get at end of auction?

Q8. Why my receiving amount of B2X keeps changing with time?

Q9. Can I enter the auction multiple times in a day?

Q10. Can I collect my received B2X from auction?


Q1. What is Staking?

Q2. What is the minimum and maximum period of staking?

Q3. How do I get paid from staking?

Q4. Can I claim my B2X Interest and BNB Divs daily?

Q5. Why do I see waiting under progress bar?

Q6. My stake is active but I can’t see my divs and interest?

Q7. Can I cancel an active stake?

Q8. What happens when my stake is competed after 365 days?

Q9. Why the amount of re-staked B2X is less than the original amount?

Q10. Why 25% burn on re-stake?


Q1. What is Vault?

Q2. Where do Vaults get funds from?

Q3. Can I claim B2X and BNB earned from vault?

Q4. How to calculate my drip from Vault?

Q5. Can I reinvest my BNB earnings from vault into auction directly?

Q6. Can I stake my B2X drip directly without claiming?

B2X is the first revolutionary next generation staking platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It's a BEP-20 token complaint smart contract on BSC blockchain.